We are web developers with a passion to create websites that are easy to navigate and rank highly on search engines.

We began developing websites in 1997, when almost everything our clients needed had to be hand coded to achieve the desired results.  Since then, great CMS systems, like Word Press, have enabled us to create  fully custom websites at a fraction of the cost of  ”from scratch” custom written applications.

You work directly with the developer who is in charge of your project, not a sales representative.  What that means is that your ideas and needs are converted directly from you to the functions of your website.   You don’t need to submit a “ticket” to get a response from us.  Simply pick up the phone and call to talk directly with the developer working on your project.

We are big enough to do the job, but small enough to make our relationships personal, and I have been around for a while.  If you want, just for giggles, type Ron Stamets into a Google Search.

Now you have a good reason to talk with me about planning and executing your web project.