I have been developing websites since 1997. Back then, about all one had to do to create a successful web presence was to hold the display to under 800 pixels and punch in all the relevant keywords you could think of in the meta-keywords tag.

Androids were Star Trek, sentient beings and SEO meant stuffing the area under the real content of a page with text keywords in the same color as the backround. Google was still an unknown reference.

The playing field has changed. Smartphones and Tablets now represent a significant portion of the people who will be visiting your website. On one of my personal websites, according to Google Analytics, smartphones and tablets represent almost 10% of the visits to that site. Although it is currently in the #1 position for searches made on Natural Gas Leasing, it could begin to drop in relevance if I continue to ignore the requirements for delivering my message to users of new technology.

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